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Fingerprint Notifications

Fingerprint Notification Requirement

Effective March 1st, 2013, entities who submit fingerprint-based background checks must meet a new notification requirement.  Federal law (Title 28, C.F.R., § 50.12 (b)) requires the Department to notify individuals subject to a fingerprint-based background check of the purpose of the fingerprint check and the method to correct errors on the FBI identification record.  The DSHS Background Check Advisory Group created the Fingerprint-Based Background Check Notice (DSHS Form 27-089) to meet the federal requirement.

The notice will be provided to the applicant prior to the applicant being fingerprinted--follow the instructions provided by the DSHS program requiring the fingerprint check.

  • Entities will retain a copy of the signed Fingerprint-Based Background Check Notice for audit purposes.
  • Do not mail or fax the notice to the Background Check Central Unit.
  • The Fingerprint Notification form is available in PDF or Word format.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Privacy Act Statement

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Privacy Act Statement is printed on the back of the fingerprint card.  You can also view the FBI's Privacy Act Statement at the link below.