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Background Check System Project


The Background Check System provides the capability for Department of Social and Health Services, Background Check Central Unit staff to perform background checks required of prospective employees, facility licensees, contractors, and others having unsupervised contact with vulnerable individuals as defined by federal and Washington State law.

This project will:

  • deliver a software environment hosted by the state to conduct required background checks on individuals who may be working in contact with vulnerable people
  • provide an off-the-shelf, online solution for Department customers to initiate background checks submitted to the Unit, eliminating mailed and faxed requests and most data entry
  • integrate the new software with existing interfaces to agency partners and their information repositories
  • support Unit processing by implementing automated business rule enforcement
  • simplify the technical environment of the background check system by replacing existing system, utilities and supporting applications
  • convert a subset of existing data to be accessible through the new system
  • decommission the current system
  • At the end of the project, the system will provide an updated capability to perform background checks by checking registries and data sources, evaluating inquiry results, and distributing background check results, including Washington State Patrol (WSP), Washington State Courts, and FBI criminal history reports.