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DSHS Budget Archive


2015-17 Biennial Budget Prioritization


2014 Supplemental Conference Budget vs. Governor's Budget

2014 Supplemental Budget Comparison vs. Governor Inslee

2014 Supplemental Budget

Administration and Supporting Services

Aging and Long Term Support Administration

Behavioral and Health Service Integration Administration

Children's Administration

Developmental Disabilities Administration

Economic Services Administration

Juvenile Justice and Rehabilitation Administration

Juvenile Rehabilitation
Special Commitment Center


2013-15 Budget Request

2013 Supplemental Budget

2012 Supplemental Budget

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2012 Supplemental Budget

DSHS 10 percent budget reduction options

Impacts of Governor's proposed 2011-13 budget on DSHS

Governor's 2011-13 Biennial Budget Proposal

Department details Early Supplemental - HB 3225:

Governor's Proposed FY2011 Supplemental Budget:

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