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Keeping Brothers and Sisters Connected

A 10-year-old boy attending Camp To Belong in 2009 conveyed the depth of feeling brothers and sisters often have for each other when he told campers and counselors, "If I had the choice to spend a year in Hawaii or 45 seconds with my brother, I would choose my brother." He expressed what those who take care of children know - the strength of the sibling bond and the importance of keeping children together when they are placed in out-of-home care and keeping them connected when that is not possible.

To help track sibling contacts a tip card "Keeping Brother and Sisters Connected" was created. The card provides helpful tips for both caregivers and social workers to help keep brothers and sisters connected. It emphasizes the need for visits at least twice a month. It provides space for sibling contact information, an easy way to track when visits have occurred, who attended and scheduling for next time. Kids can write their own comments to pass on the social workers. Caregivers will share this card with the social worker during their monthly visit.

The Keeping Brothers and Sister Connected Tip Card is available through your social worker or online at:

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We hope you will join in the effort to keep brothers and sister connected!