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Revised Codes of Washington

RCW 10.05      Deferred prosecution--Courts of Limited Jurisdiction

RCW 46.61      Rules of the Road (re DUI)

RCW 49.60      Discrimination--Human Rights Commission

RCW 70.96A    Treatment for Alcoholism, Intoxication and Drug Addiction

RCW 70.96B     Integrated Crisis Response and Involuntary Treatment Pilot Programs (Expires 7/1/2008)

RCW 70.96C     Screening and Assessment of Chemical Dependency and Mental Disorders.  For information on the GAIN-SS (Global Assessment of Individual Needs-Short Screener), see the DASA What's New Page.

RCW 74.50        Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Treatment and Support Act

RCW 18.205-- see the Washington State Department of Health web site at: 

RCW 18.19       Registered Counselors

RCW 18.130     Uniform Disciplinary Act for Health Professions

RCW 70.02       Medical Records - Health Care Information Access & Disclosure

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