Employer Contact: Washington State Division of Child Support
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Division of Child Support


As employers in Washington, you do so much to help families in need of child support. You withhold support from earnings and send it to DCS. You enroll children in health insurance plans. You report your newly hired and rehired employees. You answer our inquiries when we need to find a parent or need income information. You even deduct support for families in other states.

DCS employees recognize the burden employers bear and how you assist us with the child support enforcement effort. We are committed to working with employers to help reduce this burden while still meeting legal requirements.

DCS Employer Contact

To assist employers asked to withhold earnings for child support orders, Washington State's Division of Child Support (DCS) has established an Employer Ombudsman within the agency's Community Relations Unit.

Employers who have questions regarding withholding for a child support order may reach the Ombudsman either through:

  • Send e-mail to dcs-cru@dshs.wa.gov; or
  • Call the Employer Hotline toll-free at 1-800-591-2760.
You can also contact a Support Enforcement Officer at the DCS field office which handles a specific case. If you have received paperwork from DCS, the contact information is listed on each document.