Payment Services Only FAQ
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Payment Services Only Frequently Asked Questions

What is a payment services only case?

A Payment Services Only (PSO) case is a case which is set up when a child support order is entered that requires all child support payments be made to the Washington State Support Registry (WSSR). No collection actions will be taken to enforce the order. A PSO case is only set up to process voluntary payments and provide a permanent record of payments made through our system.

Will a payroll or garnishment be done on a PSO case?

No collection action will be taken on a PSO case. Collection actions, including payroll deductions, license suspensions, bank freezes, liens, credit bureau reporting, IRS intercepts and contempt proceedings will only be taken on full enforcement cases.

Is the debt accurately tracked on a PSO case?

No, we simply process voluntary payments. We do not perform debt calculations nor do we determine if there is past due support on a PSO case.

Can a modification review be done on a PSO?

No, a modification review will only be done on a full enforcement case.

Can a PSO case be closed if child support payments are made directly to the custodial parent and not through the Washington State Support Registry?

A PSO case will automatically close if no payments are received for 6 months.

Is emancipation and termination of child support monitored on a PSO case?

No, since these are voluntary payments it is up to the parties to know when payments should cease.

What do I need to do if I want to change my PSO case to a full enforcement case?

Complete and return an application for Full Enforcement services. Once your completed application is received the case will be assigned to a Support Enforcement Officer (SEO) who will monitor the case , take collection actions as appropriate, track the debt owed, and assist with modification.

My attorney signed for full enforcement services why are you not enforcing the order?

Based on current policy we cannot accept the signature of an attorney for full enforcement services. The request for full enforcement services must be made by one of the parties to the case.