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Quality Assurance Outcomes

  1. Person-Centered Outcomes
    1. Be served with dignity and with respect for individual differences
    2. Have personal power and choice which enhances positive recognition by self and others
    3. Have the opportunity for integration into community life and to be supported to experience the benefits of relationships with friends and families
    4. Be supported to have competence to manage daily activities and pursue personal goals
    5. Have access to health services
    6. Be supported in safe environments
    7. Self-direction of services and control of an individual budget
  2. Provider Outcomes
    1. Well-trained and informed state staff
    2. Well-trained and informed contracted providers
    3. State staff are treated as valued employees
    4. Contracted providers will be respected and valued
    5. Nondiscrimination policies and practices will be honored
  3. Community Participation Outcomes
    1. Involvement of self-advocates and parents
    2. Being engaged in community activities through county coordination of services
    3. Well-informed community partners
    4. Effective information/input gathering for system management and improvement
  4. Statewide System Outcomes
    1. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation activities
    2. Use information to produce desired outcomes
    3. System improvement activities
    4. Share measurement outcomes with community partners