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Business Form, Document or Fee Payment Required by the Department

Exemptions from Electronic Submission - RCW 43.17.095 Exempt Forms

According to RCW 43.17.095, any document, form or payment of a fee that is required to be submitted by business must be accepted electronically by the agency requiring it. There are certain circumstances in which a document, form or payment of a fee may be excluded from the requirements of this statute including where it is not technically or fiscally feasible or practical, or in the best interest of businesses for such materials to be submitted electronically. If any document, form or payment of fee is excluded, the public must be notified of the exclusion.

There are three programs in the agency that have identified and received approval for exemptions.  To the right are links to the individual program sites.  In each site, you will find all of the documents, forms, and payment of fees that have been exempted. If a document, form or payment of a fee is not listed in the program sites, than it may be submitted by the business in an electronic format. The electronic format available may vary depending on the requirements of the document, form or payment of fee. For details on submitting electronically, please see the instructions provided to you by the program area you are working with.