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Facts and figures

About 750 youth are committed annually to JRA by county juvenile courts in Washington. JRA youth are very much at the deep end of delinquent behavior. These youngsters are typically serious and violent offenders or youth with extensive offense histories who have not responded to local sanctions and interventions.

The Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration serves youth in residential care and parole aftercare programs. Approximately 575 youth are in JRA residential programs on any given day and 375 are receiving parole services. Demographic characteristics are as follows:

Characteristics of JRA Residential Population May 19, 2014

Youth come to JRA with complex disorders that are at the root of their criminal behavior and require dynamic treatment services. JRA tracks the percentage of youth who require services in the following areas:


  • Mental Health
  • Substance Abuse
  • Sexual Offending/Misconduct
  • Cognitive Impairment
  • Medically Fragile


This November 2011 snapshot shows the percentage of JRA youth needing services in each of these areas:



Co-Occurring Disorders

Over 80% of JRA youth, in both residential care and parole aftercare, have two, three or four of the disorders identified above. This November 2011 snapshot illustrates this complexity of service needs among JRA youth: