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Legislative Reports

Public Assistance

Washington Telephone Assistance Project
Number of participants by qualifying social service programs receiving benefits from WTAP and type of benefits participants receive; description of geographical distribution of participants, program's annual revenue and expenditures and recommendations.

: RCW 80.36.475 (Repealed by ESHB 2327, Chapter 518, Laws of 2009)
Type of Report: Annual - thru December 2008
Report Date:
December 2002 (PDF)
Suspended during the 03-05 Biennium
December 2005 (PDF)
December 2006 (PDF)
December 2007 (PDF)
December 2008 (PDF)
Inpatient Hospital Certified Public Expenditure Program
This report examines whether savings continue to exceed costs for the inpatient hospital Certified Public Expenditure (CPE) program. The Department is required to submit reports to the legislature by November 1, 2007 and November 1, 2008, that evaluate whether savings continue to exceed costs for this program.

:    ESHB 2687, Section 209(8)
Type of Report:  Twice
Report Date:
October 2007 (PDF)
October 2008 (PDF)
October 2009 (PDF)
October 2010 (PDF)
Farmer's Market Technology Improvement Pilot Program
The department is required to report on the status of the Farmer's Market Technology Improvement Pilot Project each biennium. The report is to include information on the demand for wireless Point of Sales (POS) technology and the number of customers using wireless POS technology for electronic benefits transfer transactions.

: Chapter 215, Laws of 2008
Type of Report: Biennium
Report Date:
November 2009 (PDF)

Disability Lifeline - Unemployable Grants
Requires the Department to report on expenditures for the DL-U grants in Fiscal Year 2011 and regulations proposed for adoption that would modify the Disability Lifeline incapacity determination and progressive evaluation process.

Authorization:    ESSB 6444, Section 207 (5(a)(b))
Type of Report:  One time

Report Date:       September 2010 (PDF)
Basic Food Employment & Training Program Expansion
The Department, Employment Security and the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges are required to work in partnership to expand the Washington State's Basic Food Employment and Training Program.

Authorization:    RCW 74.04.535 - E2SHB 2782
Type of Report:  Annual

Report Date:       November 2010 (PDF)
                           November 2011 (PDF)
                           November 2012 (PDF)
Washington Connection Benefit Portal
The department, in collaboration with partners from public and private (non-governmental) sectors, has implemented a secure, state-of-the-art, user-friendly benefit portal.  The legislature requires the department to establish an online portal that provides the public with more effective access to available state, federal and local services.

Authorization:    E2SHB 2782, Chapter 8, Laws of 2010, Sec 2(2)
Type of Report:  Annual

Report Date:       December 2011 (PDF)
Financial Literacy (Electronic Benefits Card)

The department is required, in consultation with its electronic benefits transaction (EBT) card contractor and interested persons and organizations, to develop strategies to increase opportunities for public assistance recipients to maintain bank accounts, increase financial education and management skills that will help minimize recipients costs associated with banking fees and automated teller machine (ATM) transaction fees.

Authorization:    ESSB 5921, Chapter 42, Laws of 2011, Sec 13(1)
Type of Report:  One-time

Report Date:       December 2011

Early SSI Transition Project

With the 2010 passage of E2SHB into law, Section 7 required the department to move
Disability Lifeline recipients as quickly as possible to Medicaid and then to Social
Security Supplemental Security Income (SSI) through the Early SSI Transition Project.

Authorization:    E2SHB 2782,  Chapter 8, Laws of 2010, Section 7(4)
Type of Report:  One-time

Report Date:       December 2011

DVR Assessment Tool & Referrals

Section 5 of E2SHB 2782 required the Economic Services Administration (ESA) and the
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) to collaborate on an assessment tool to determine
whether vocational rehabilitation programs could help Disability Lifeline recipients return to the
workforce.  The new statute required the assessment tool to be developed by December 1,
2010 and the Department to being using it no later than January 1, 2011 to assess 
Disability Lifeline recipients.
Authorization:    E2SHB 2782,  Chapter 8, Laws of 2010, Section 5(1) - RCW 74.04.655
Type of Report:  One-time

Report Date:       December 2011