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Income - TOC

Revised June 15, 2012

Purpose: To describe how various types and amounts of income affect a client's eligibility and benefit level.


WAC 388-450-0005 How does the department decide if I own a type of income and if this income is available to meet my needs?


WAC 388-450-0015 What types of income does the department not use to figure out my benefits?
WAC 388-450-0025 What is unearned income?
WAC 388-450-0030 What is earned income?
Treatment of Income Chart


WAC 388-450-0035 Educational benefits.
WAC 388-450-0040 Native American benefits and payments.
WAC 388-450-0045 How do we count income from employment or training programs?
WAC 388-450-0050 How does your participation in the community jobs (CJ) program affect your cash assistance and Basic Food benefits?
WAC 388-450-0055 How does needs-based assistance from other agencies or organizations count against my benefits?
WAC 388-450-0065 Gifts - Cash and noncash.
WAC 388-450-0070 How do we count the earned income of a child?
WAC 388-450-0010 The department takes some or all of your time-loss benefits if you get cash assistance while waiting for your claim to be processed.
WAC 388-450-0080 What is self-employment income?
WAC 388-450-0085 Does the department count all of my self-employment income to determine if I am eligible for benefits?


WAC 388-450-0095 Allocating income - General.
WAC 388-450-0100 Allocating income - Definitions.
WAC 388-450-0105 Allocating the income of a financially responsible person included in the assistance unit.
WAC 388-450-0106 How does the department count my income if someone in my family cannot get assistance because of their alien status?
WAC 388-450-0112 Allocating the income of an ABD cash client to legal dependents.
WAC 388-450-0115 Allocating the income of a financially responsible person excluded from the assistance unit.
WAC 3 8 8-450-0116 How does the department count my income if I cannot get assistance because I am an alien?
WAC 388-450-0120 Allocating the income of financially responsible parents to a pregnant or parenting minor .
WAC 388-450-0130 Allocating the income of a non-applying spouse to a caretaker relative.
WAC 388-450-0137 Allocating income of an ineligible spouse to an ABD cash client.
WAC 388-450-0140 How does the income of an ineligible assistance unit member affect my eligibility and benefits for Basic Food?
WAC 388-450-0145 Income of a person who is not a member of a food assistance unit.
WAC 388-450-0155 How does being a sponsored immigrant affect my eligibility for cash, medical and food assistance programs?
WAC 388-450-0156 When am I exempt from deeming?
W AC 388-450-0160 How does the department decide how much of my sponsor's income to count against my benefits?


WAC 388-450-0162 The department uses countable income to determine if your are eligible and the amount of your cash and food assistance benefits.
WAC 388-450-0165 Gross earned income limit for TANF and SFA .
WAC 388-450-0170 TANF / SFA earned income incentive and deduction.
WAC 388-450-0175 Does the department offer income deduction for the general assistance program as an incentive for clients to work?
WAC 388-450-0185 Does the department count all of my income to determine my eligibility and benefits for Basic Food?
WAC 388-450-0190 How does the department figure my shelter cost income deduction for Basic Food?
WAC 388-450-0195 Does the department use my utility costs when calculating my Basic Food or WASHCAP benefits?
WAC 388-450-0200 Will the medical expenses of elderly persons or individuals with disabilities in my assistance unit be used as an income deduction for Basic Food?
Medical Expense Deduction Chart
WAC 388-450-0210 Countable income for medical programs.


WAC 388-450-0215 How does the department estimate my assistance unit's income to determine my eligibility and benefits?
WAC 388-450-0225 How are my assistance unit's benefits calculated for the first month I am eligible for cash assistance?
WAC 388-450-0230 What income does the department count in the month I apply for Basic Food when my assistance unit is destitute?
WAC 388-450-0245 When are my benefits suspended?
Best Estimate Guide


APPENDIX I - The Effect of the Puyallup Settlement on Your Eligibility for Public Assistance
APPENDIX II - Indian Agencies Serving Tribes with a Near-Reservation Designation
APPENDIX III - Indian Agencies Serving Tribes without a Near-Reservation Designation
Modification Date: June 15, 2012