WAC 388-400-0035

Effective July 1, 2001

WAC 388-400-0035 Refugee medical assistance--Summary of eligibility requirements

  1. To be eligible for refugee medical assistance (RMA), must:

    1. Provide the name of the voluntary agency (VOLAG) which resettled you;

    2. Meet the immigration status requirements of WAC 388-466-0005;

    3. Meet monthly income standards up to 200% of Federal Poverty Level (FPL).  Spenddown is available for applicants whose income exceeds 200% of FPL (see WAC 388-519-0110);

    4. Receive refugee cash assistance (RCA); or

    5. Be eligible for, but choose not to apply for or receive RCA.

  2. You are not eligible to receive RMA if you are:

    1. Eligible for Medicaid; or

    2. A full-time student in institution of higher education unless the educational activity is part of a department-approved employability plan.

  3. Refugee families, including families with children who are United States citizens, are treated as single assistance units according to chapter 388-408 WAC.

  4. If you are meeting the requirements of this section, you are eligible for RMA only during the eight-month period beginning in the first month you entered the United States (see WAC 388-466-0130)

  5. A recipient of RMA whose earned income goes above the income standard remains eligible for RMA benefits until the end of the RMA eligibility period.

  6. A refugee recipient of Medicaid, whose eligibility ended due to excess earned income, is transferred to RMA without eligibility determination for the remainder of the RMA eligibility period.

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