WAC 388-406-0060

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 388-406-0060 What happens when my application is denied?

  1. We (the department) deny your application for cash or Basic Food benefits if:

    1. You do not show for your interview appointment for cash or Basic Food if required under WAC 388-452-0005 you have not rescheduled, and your application is over thirty days old; or 

    2. We do not have the information we need to determine your eligibility within ten days of requesting the information from your assistance unit (AU) under WAC 388-490-0005, and you did not ask for additional time to give us the information; or

    3. Your entire AU does not meet certain eligibility criteria to get benefits; or

    4. For Basic Food, your application has not been processed by the sixtieth day because of a delay on your part.

  2. If we deny your application, you do not get benefits unless:

    1. You mistakenly apply for benefits you already get; or

    2. We reconsider your eligibility under WAC 388-406-0065 and you are eligible to get benefits.

  3. We can reconsider if you are eligible for benefits under the requirements of WAC 388-406-0065 even after your application is denied.

  4. We give or send a letter to you explaining why your application was denied as required under WAC 388-458-0011.

  5. If you disagree with our decision about your application, you can ask for a fair hearing.  If we deny your application because we do not have enough information to decide that you are eligible, the hearing issue is whether you are eligible using:

    1. Information we already have; and

    2. Any more information you can give us.

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