WAC 388-452-0005

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 388-452-0005 Do I have to be interviewed in order to get benefits?

1.     You or your authorized representative must have an interview with the department:

a.    At initial certification; and

b.    At least once every twelve months.

2.     You will have just one interview even if you are applying for or are having a review for benefits from more than one program.

3.     We hold interviews either in person or over the phone.

4.     If we do not interview you on the same day that we receive your application, we will schedule an interview appointment for you or have you contact us by phone during our business hours to complete your interview.

5.     If we schedule an interview, we will set your appointment to allow you at least ten days after the interview to provide needed verification:

a.    Before the end of the thirty-day processing period for applications; or

b.    Before your certification period ends for eligibility reviews or recertifications.   

6.     If you miss your first interview and ask for another interview within thirty days of the date you applied for benefits, we schedule a second interview or have you call us and complete the interview over the phone.

7.     If you must have an interview for benefits, you or someone who can give us the information we need about your AU must participate in the interview. You may ask any person you choose to help with your interview.

8.     For Basic Food only, your authorized representative as described in WAC 388-460-0005 may take your place during your interview.

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