WAC 388-470-0060

Effective October 1, 2013

WAC 388-470-0060 How does the department decide how much of my sponsor's resources affect my eligibility for cash and food assistance?

  1. If you are a sponsored immigrant as defined in WAC 388-450-0155, and you are not exempt from deeming under WAC 388-450-0156, we count part of your sponsor's resources as available to you.
  2. We decide the amount of your sponsor's resources to count by: 
    1. Totaling the countable resources of the sponsor and the sponsor's spouse (if the spouse signed the affidavit of support) under Chapter 388-470 WAC;

    2. Subtracting fifteen hundred dollars; and

    3. Counting the remaining amount as a resource that is available to you.

  3. If you can show that your sponsor has sponsored other people as well, we divide the result by the total number of people who they sponsored.
  4. We continue to count your sponsor's resources when we determine your eligibility for benefits until you are exempt from deeming under WAC 388-450-0156.

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