WAC 388-478-0050

Effective September 1, 2000

WAC 388-478-0050 Payment standards for ongoing additional requirements.

An "ongoing additional requirement" is a continuing need that you have for which you require additional financial benefits in order to continue living independently.  The "payment standard" for ongoing additional requirement benefits is the amount of money needed to pay for these items or services.  We use the following payment standards for ongoing additional requirements approved under WAC 388-473-0020 through WAC 388-473-0060:

  1. Restaurant meals: $187.09 per month (or $6.04 per day with the payment rounded down to the nearest dollar amount); 

  2. Laundry: $11.13 per month;

  3. Service animal food: $33.66 per month;

  4. Home delivered meals: The amount charged by the agency providing the meals;

  5. Telephone: The local flat rate for the area; or the discounted amount established under the Washington telephone assistance program (WTAP) rate, whichever is less.

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