WAC 388-492-0100

Effective December 4, 2014

WAC 388-492-0100 How is my eligibility for WASHCAP food benefits reviewed?

1.    If the Social Security Administration (SSA) reviews your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) eligibility, they may also complete your review for WASHCAP.  SSA sends us this information electronically, which we use to update your benefits.

(a)  We will automatically extend your WASHCAP certification period if you are still eligible for benefits. 

(b)  If SSA's review tells us you are not eligible for WASHCAP, we will end your WASHCAP benefits.  You can apply for benefits under the Washington basic food program. 

2.    If SSA does not review your SSI eligibility, we will mail you a one-page application two months before your WASHCAP food benefits end. You must complete and return this application to the WASHCAP unit or your local Home and Community Services office (HCS).

3.    We do WASHCAP reviews by mail.  If you bring your WASHCAP application to the local office, we will process the application as follows:

a.    If you get long-term care services, your local HCS office will process your application; or

b.    If you do not get long-term care services, the WASHCAP central unit will process your application.

4.    If we get your completed application after your WASHCAP food benefits end, we will reopen your benefits back to the first of the month if:

a.    We get your application form any time during the first month following the end of your certification period; and

b.    You are still eligible for WASHCAP food benefits.

5.    If we get your completed application form after the end of the month following the end of your certification period WASHCAP food benefits open the first of the next month after:

a.    You turn in your application; and

b.    SSA shows you are eligible for WASHCAP in their system.

6.    If your application is not complete, we will return it to you to complete.

7.    If you want Basic Food benefits while you are waiting for WASHCAP food benefits, you must apply for these benefits:

a.    By contacting the customer service center (CSC) at 1-877-501-2233 to request an application be mailed to you;

b.    Online at washingtonconnection.org;

c.    At any community services office (CSO);

d.    At any home and community services office (HCS); or

e.    At any Social Security Administration (SSA) office.

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