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Mobile Community Services Office

We Are Coming to You!

The Mobile Community Services Office is hitting the open road to reach new clients and improve our customer service. Rural households who find the trip to their local CSO too far to travel may soon see a new kind of CSO roll into their hometown. The Department of Social and Health Services has created two 40-foot trucks that transform into functioning offices. Each Mobile CSO unit is staffed by experienced Outreach Program Specialists who are able to complete Cash and Basic Food interviews, Eligibility Reviews, complete changes to active Cash and Food cases, issue EBT cards, and receive documents for Cash, Food and Childcare Programs.

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Calendar of Events
Schedules for December & January

Mobile CSO Goals:

  • Improve participation in the Basic Food Program by providing services at locations where DSHS representatives do not usually have a presence, including services at senior centers, job fairs, health fairs, migrant worker camps, and community events which will provide broader community outreach.
  • Strengthen Community Partnerships by expanding on existing community partnerships with social services organizations; state, local, and county agencies; and interested parties in the business community to create access points where people can apply for Basic Food, Cash and Child Care benefits.
  • Operate as a response vehicle for disaster events where the Disaster Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program is activated. The Mobile CSOs will be used as a facility to accept applications in more severely impacted areas where power has not yet been restored. The Mobile CSOs may also be used as a support office to facilitate back-room processing of applications by staff working outside disaster areas.

Schedule an Event!

Contact the Mobile CSO project to schedule a mobile office for an event in your community. Priority will be given to community partners who agree to help publicize the event to connect as many people as possible to DSHS services. Examples include: Housing authorities, libraries, job fairs, public health clinics, temporary labor centers, senior centers, county fairs, community events, areas with under-served populations, etc.  Mobile CSO events are not limited to normal DSHS business hours.

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Contact us at: Mobile CSO Project, PO Box 45440, Olympia, WA 98504-5440 or by phone at (509) 734-4117 or by email:

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"Now in its second year of operation, the Mobile CSO is an invaluable resource, assisting ESA's dedicated staff in reaching out to local communities - creating a stronger human services network and connecting hundreds of the State's most vulnerable residents to the services, benefits, and information they need."

-David Stillman
 Assistant Secretary
 Economic Services Administration