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Conference Breakout Sections

Building Working Relationships with Tribes, Tribal Courts, and State Courts - Presented by Mark Pouley and Michelle Ressa

Children's Administration New Home Study - Presented by Diana Chesterfield and Robbie Downs

Customary Adoption - Presented by Penny Carol Hillaire and Candice Wilson

Dependency 101 Basics of the Dependency Proceeding in State Juvenile Court- Presented by Thurman Lowans and Carrie Hoon Wayno

Differential Response in Indian Country - Presented by Jackie Crowshoe

Disproportionality - Presented by Jennifer Zipoy

Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Training on Working with Children from Indian Country Perspective - Presented by Laura Lee Bentle, Jenece Howe, and Toni Innes

History and Importance of Gov't to Gov't in ICW Proceedings - Presented by Jack Trope

ICPC How to Navigate Across State Lines and Indian Country - Presented by Maya Brown, Karen Dinan, and Betsy Tulee

ICW Qualified Indian Expert Witness Presentation - Presented by Karen Dinan and Ken Levinson

Importance of Placement for American Indian Children- Presented by Debra Clayton

Indian Child Abuse Investigations - The Multidisciplinary Team Approach - Presented by Leila Goldsmith and Mary Ann Murphy

Permanency Planning When a Tribe Does Not Support Adoption - Presented by Ken Levinson and Kathy Picard

State and Tribal Agreements - Presented by Sheila Huber, Jack Trope, and Mike Yates

Washington Indian Child Welfare Case Review - Presented by Laura Bluehorse, Sharon Gilbert, Paul Martinez, and Liz Mueller