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Gang Prevention and Intervention

Criminal Street Gang Prevention and Intervention Grant Program

The 2012 Washington State Legislature recognized that street gang activities are a serious problem that threatens the long-term economic, social, and public safety interests of Washington State and its counties and cities.  Local communities require assistance to reduce criminal street gang activity and to increase criminal street gang intervention and prevention services that can strengthen families, improve school performance, reduce criminal activity, and promote pro-social development and success among our state’s young adults.


As a result, the State Legislature has invested funds (a total of $250,000 for SFY 2013) for a Criminal Street Gang Prevention and Intervention Grant Program to be administered by the Washington State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice (WA-PCJJ).

On May 25, 2012, the WA-PCJJ released a Request for Proposals for the Criminal Street Gang Prevention and Intervention Grant Program - to assist communities in addressing criminal street gangs by helping to ensure that youth avoid gang membership and activities, as well as other future criminal behavior.  Studies have shown that effective interventions reduce criminal activity and recidivism. 


The competitive RFP required that applicants for the funding be coalitions composed of, at a minimum:  one or more local governmental entities (including federally recognized tribal governments, as determined by the Secretary of the Interior) and one or more nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations that have a documented history of creating and administering effective criminal street gang prevention and intervention programs may apply for funding. 


The WA-PCJJ received 13 proposals/applications in response to the RFP in late June 2012; priority was given to applicants who demonstrated the greatest problems with criminal street gangs.

Criminal Street Gang Prevention and Intervention Program grants were awarded for the 8/1/2012 to 6/30/2013 project period to the following two communities:


Tacoma Gang Project/PILOT

City of Tacoma

Human Rights & Human Services

747 Market St., Room 836

Tacoma, WA  98402


Melissa Cordeiro, Project Director

State Amount:  $105,000

Congressional District:  6

Legislative District:  27

The project proposes to reduce and prevent gang violence through a combination of prevention, intervention, suppression and system-change best practices. 



Yakima County

Yakima County Juvenile Court

1728 Jerome Avenue

Yakima, WA  98902-1802


Harold Delia, Project Director

State Amount:  $105,000

Congressional District:  4

Legislative District:  14 and 15

The project proposes to establish a county-wide network of youth services designed to significantly reduce the number of youth joining criminal street gangs and to provide the necessary support structure to facilitate meaningful interventions targeting gang-involved youth.