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Pregnancy Medical Program

What it is:

A medical program for pregnant women.

Who is eligible:

You are eligible for the pregnancy medical program if:

  • You are pregnant, and
  • You live in Washington State, and
  • You meet income requirements.

Income and Resource Requirements:

The pregnancy medical program has no resource limits. Your income eligibility is determined by your family's income and the number of people in your family. Your unborn child counts as a family member.

Number of Persons Monthly Income Limit
1 $1,772
2 $2,392
3 $3,011
4 $3,631
5 $4,251
6 $4,871
7 $5,490
8 $6,110
9 $6,730
10 $7,350
11+ Add $620 per additional household member

Once you are found eligible for pregnancy medical benefits, you will remain eligible throughout your pregnancy regardless of changes of income or who lives in your home.

Women who are covered by Pregnancy Medical are also eligible for First Step services, Maternity Support Services, Infant Case Management and Childbirth Education. To find out more visit http://www.hca.wa.gov/medicaid/FirstSteps

Additional information about Pregnancy Medical is available at Health Care Authority website.

You can apply for the Pregnancy Medical Program online or at your local Community Services Office.

As with all our programs, the only way to know for sure if you are eligible is to apply.