Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

Research & Data Analysis Division

  • The Human Research Review Section is short-staffed through the middle of this year.  Unfortunately our response time for your submission may be delayed.  Please accept our regrets in advance
  • For CARS - As of September 2013 the WSIRB may extend continuation approval for a period of less than one year since the end of the prior period of WSIRB approval. This abbreviated approval period is established ONLY to realign the approval period for this study with the applicable federal regulatory guidance, which provides that all subsequent continuation review approval periods be determined using the date that your study was initially approved (with or without conditions).



Researchers planning to submit a proposal to the WSIRB should call and discuss their proposed research with Review Section staff before preparing their application. You may call Review Section staff at 360.902.8075.

If you have any difficulties downloading the electronic documents, please contact us at wsirb@dshs.wa.gov.

Researchers submitting proposals to the WSIRB should review the following documents:

To minimize problems opening PDF documents, we suggest that you always use the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.