Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

Research & Data Analysis Division

Description: The Client Registry is a Web-based application use by authorized DSHS workers to access high level client profiles. The purpose of this information system is to facilitate  client care and case coordination across all DSHS client services. 

A successful Client Registry query returns high-level demographic information, service history, and Case Manager contact information for the client specified. This online  tool  helps caseworkers and managers to build teams that provide quality, cost effective, integrated services to our clients.

Service data displayed in the Client Registry does not include clinical information or detail about the type of service authorized. The database gives the caseworker basic information about the client. It shows if the client is eligible or authorized to receive services from a particular program, but not the specific service authorized or provided.

The Client Registry database receives and integrates data from most DSHS client  information systems on a daily basis, employing an automated data collection, matchings  and promotion process.

Caseworkers who provide direct client service use Client Registry.  The required  online Client Registry training teaches all users in the appropriate use of the data,  and about confidentiality requirements, system security and communication protocols.

Contact: Becky Boutilier, Project Manager, telephone: 360.902-7869.