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Questions about Invoice Express

Questions about Direct Deposit?

Do you want to know what date to expect invoicing or payment processing?  View the SSPS Calendar.

SSPS Customer Service: (available during regular business hours) (360) 664-6161 - Option 1 for SSPS.

The Invoice Express toll free number is 1-888-461-8855, and is printed at the top of every SSPS invoice.

  1. According to the state constitution, the state cannot pay for a service until the service is complete.
  2. Invoice vouchers are mailed for the provider to receive just before the end of the month.
  3. On a high volume day, as many as 30,000 paper invoices are returned by mail.  Clerical delays may occur because of the large number of pages received.
  4. Quicker payment processing occurs when providers use Invoice Express to validate their invoice by telephone.
  5. Invoices are processed immediately after the end of the month of service.
  6. Some payments are delayed because messages are attached to or written on the invoice.  Invoices with messages are set aside and read as soon as possible, delaying payment.

Payment to a provider is considered timely if made within 30 days of the receipt of a properly completed invoice, plus mail time, according to RCW 39.76.010.  SSPS makes it a top priority to not only pay faster than required, but to pay as fast as is technically and legally possible.

Direct deposit takes the guesswork out of address changes and other complications of postal delivery.  Direct deposit may or may not be quicker than postal delivery, depending on the provider's geographical location and the speed of mail delivery.

Example: For the year 2013, June 3rd is the first business day of the month, and the first business day when SSPS payment for May services will be issued.  Payment for services processed on June 3rd will not reach the U.S. mail for distribution for two business days (possibly three), because Consolidated Mail Service is used to achieve significant postal discounts.  This means the U.S. Postal Service will begin mailing payments on June 5th, the third business day of the month.

If you are providing social services that will be paid through SSPS, those services must be based on an agreement with a social service staff person.  Until an SSPS authorization is written and submitted to the computer system by that staff person there is no mechanism by which to pay you.  Social service staff have a regular and supplemental deadline each month that they must meet in order for you to receive the invoice needed for payment validation.

State holidays are not considered "business days."  There is not daily processing, no payments created, and the SSPS headquarters office is closed.

According to the state constitution, payment cannot be made for services not yet completed.

Invoicing occurs twice per month; one regularly scheduled invoice process and a second supplemental process to catch late authorizations from local offices.

Invoices enter the U.S. Postal Service two or three business days after the invoice deadline date.  Delivery times by the U.S. Postal Service vary, depending on the provider's geographical location and speed of mail delivery.

They are mailed by the end of January.

No.  The co-payment or participation that the service recipient (client) pays to his/her provider is a set amount.  If the dollar amount of the service is less than the co-payment, the client need only pay the actual amount of service.

No. School holiday care is not paid for the months of June, July, and August and is only available for childcare paid on an hourly basis.

Contact staff at the local office that authorized the service in question.  The local office controls what is authorized and can make needed corrections.