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Social Service Payment System - SSPS

The Department of Social and Health Services uses SSPS to pay for a variety of services that facilitate employment, increase independence, and protect children, the fragile elderly, and disabled children and adults.

SSPS is used to provide authorization and payment processing for services delivered to DSHS clients. This mission-critical system is used by more than 4,800 case workers in several major administrations across DSHS including: Economic Services Administration, Aging and Disability Services Administration, Children's Administration, and Medical Assistance Administration.

SSPS combines the best of Microsoft's newer technology and the power of mainframe processing. This wonderful combination of technologies provides the State of Washington with the ability to pay over 79,000 social service providers more than $1.8 billion annually in services to more than 299,000 clients.

**** Tax Season Information ****

W2 and 1099 Tax Documents were mailed as of 1/28/2014. Please allow up to 7 business days for postal delivery.

For questions about your documents, more information about taxes, and contact information for the Tax Desk, please select the menu option on the left for Tax Info.

To avoid mailing delays, please be sure to have your case worker or local DSHS office update your address if you have moved recently. W-2 and 1099 statements are not available online or electronically at this time.

Provider One logo    Are you a Medicaid provider who receives a 1099 tax form from the state of Washington? *How you get paid for Medicaid services will change. Start getting ready now!

* This message is not intended for Children's Administration providers, childcare providers, or individual providers represented by SEIU Healthcare 775NW.

  • Direct Deposit saves you trips to the bank by depositing your payment directly into your checking or savings account.
  • Invoice Express, available in English or Spanish, speeds payment.  Providers may validate their entire invoice or just selected pages.  Callers may also check on the status of a payment.
  • SSPS Calendar lists the upcoming invoice dates, adoptive support, and SSP payment dates.
  • Tax Info is tax reporting information to consider when providing services.
  • IP Call Diagram Quick Reference  provides DSHS field staff and IP providers with the phone numbers to the correct office when questions related to their union benefits arise.  It also includes a segment on questions and answers to help educate them on these benefits.
  • Questions  gives answers to commonly asked questions about SSPS.
  • SEIU 775 is the representative unit for Individual Personal providers serving DSHS clients (a non-DSHS web site).