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The Department of Social and Health Services uses metrics to monitor our progress, as a department and as a state in achieving our mission and vision:

DSHS Mission


DSHS Vision

To transform lives.  
  • People are healthy,
  • People are safe,
  • People are supported,
  • Taxpayer resources are guarded.


Strategic Plan and Results Washington Metrics

Cover: Core Metrics: DSHS Performance Measures   These Metrics are highlighted in our Strategic Plans and Results Washington goals. They show our success in helping Department clients improve their health, safety, and quality of life, while being good stewards of state resources. Go to Performance Measures.

Population Measures

Cover: Core Metrics - Population Measures   These measures are bigger than the Department of Social and Health Services – and bigger than government. They help guide us and our partners, by showing the collective results of broad partnership efforts to help all Washington residents improve their health, economic stability, safety and school success. Go to Population Measures.







Contact: DSHS Research and Data Analysis Division:

Jeffrey Showman, Chief Performance Metric Section, 360.902.0794